spanish courses for adults

Spanish 2 Enjoy specializes in second language teaching, so we can offer a wide variety in the field of ELE. Intensive Spanish courses of 20, 25 and 30 lessons, aimed at acquiring language skills in a quick and effective and, above all, an entertaining manner.  Our programs also include obtaining official certificates like the DELE, an internationally recognized certificate.  Weekend Residential Programs, Spanish Study Holidays and Home Tutoring to learn the Spanish language and culture in a different way and yearly programs for those who are already living in Spain and wish to perfect their Spanish. 

Our Spanish courses for adults have an innovative teaching method which focuses on four areas: reading, listening, writing and speaking; always taught in small groups

Our Spanish courses for adults have an innovative teaching method which os focus on the four areas: reading, listening, writing and speaking. And of course, always in small groups.

Available Programs

Intensive Course

There are three option for our Intensive Spanish course.

Intensive 20: It consists of 20 lessons/week (55 min. each), taught in small-sized groups of up to 10 students. The course covers the 4 main language skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

Intensive 25: Intensive 20 + 5 conversation lessons per week. Therefore, students attend one daily lesson focused exclusively on Oral Spanish. Conversation classes will enhance communication skills by simulating different real-life situations.

Intensive 30: Intensive 25 + 5 private lessons per week. It is ideal for students who need to improve their Spanish in a short period of time.



Dates All year

Levels All Levels (6 levels)

Ages +18

Length of course Min. 1 week

Lessons/week 20 / 25 / 30

Class Size Max. 10

Accomodation Homestay/Resid. (Breakfast, HB or FB)

DELE Course Preparation

DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the official accreditation of the degree of fluency of the Spanish Language, issued and recognised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.

Why take the DELE exam?

  • It is an internationally recognised diploma
  • It is an official accreditation of your level of Spanish
  • It is an excellent addition to your CV, especially if you hope to work in Spain or Latin America

DELE exams are divided into 6 levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.  


Dates 5 wk before exam date 
Levels All levels
Ages +16
Length of course 5 weeks
Lessons/week 25
Class Size Max. 10
Accomodation Homestay (FB) / Resid. (Breakfast, HB or FB)
Activity programme Optional


Teaching Experience

 This programme gives teachers the opportunity to get experience and additional training in the education field.

Once selected, the candidates will complete a period of four weeks of voluntary traineeship with Spanish2Enjoy in
Valencia. The teachers will gain the necessary capability and skills to demostrate that they can work in a Spanish teaching environment. Before the placement, we will prepare the participants, offering them a training programme that has been developed to take advantage of the students’ latent knowledge and to help them gain the know-how to manage in the Spanish Education system. This project will give the trainees the opportunity to develop themselves as teachers in a guided and supported environment.

The Teaching Experience is available for any teacher who wants to take part in this experience either if the participant is a current teacher, a university student or has a professional certificate as CELTA or TESOL.

The placements are carried out in schools in Valencia, selected based on their academic quality and methodology.

A school tutor will be assigned to assure the integration and the success of this experience.

If the students need language support, Spanish2Enjoy academy offers an optional Spanish course to develop the language skills necessary to deal with this programme.



Dates All year

Level required +B1

Ages +21

Length of course Min. 2 weeks

Lessons/week 20

Spanish lessons optional

Accomodation Homestay (FB) / Shared Apartment


Home Tutoring

The programme consists of 20 weekly lessons (55 min. per lesson) in a “one to one” format, as part of a programme fully designed to meet each student’s needs.

The main objectives of this programme are:

  • To strengthen the basic knowledge of the language, while widening general vocabulary and reinforcing the most common grammatical

    and idiomatic structures.

  • To become familiar with the vocabulary

    and linguistic structures used in professional situations, commercial meetings, social events etc...

  • To gain confidence in the area of telephone conversations and communication skills in real social situations.

    To enable the participant to visit some of the most outstanding social and cultural events of Valencia, one weekly excursion and evening meal with the teacher is also included. 



Dates All year

Levels All levels

Ages +18

Length of course Min. 1 week

Lessons/week 20

Class Size 1

Accomodation Homestay (FB)

Activity programme 1 half day/ 1 Evening meal

Volunteer Experience

International volunteering is about giving your time to a good cause in an international environment. This programme offers you the possibility of sharing your strengths and skills while you grow personally. The contribution to make the World a better place and the full-filled experience are guaranteed. 


1. Volunteering areas: Summer Camp, Youth Centre, Animal Welfare & Environment, Fair Trade. We offer the possibility to combine the volunteering in two different fields.

2. Accommodation: The apartments are situated in convenient locations, and students share the common area, bathrooms and the kitchen. All rooms are equipped with all the basic facilities: a bed, a desk and a wardrobe. All apartments have living room, television, a fully equipped kitchen, shared bathroom and a washing machine. All bills included with bedding provided except for towels.

3. Induction meeting: Spanish culture and lifestyle, basic knowledge of Spanish language, tips and recommendations of Valencia.

Residential Weekends

If you are a professional with a busy life, the Intensive Spanish Residential Programme is ideal for a second language acquisition in a short period of time.

The Intensive Spanish course for adults on weekends consists of 20 hours of Spanish contact, including 8 hours of classes with native teachers plus a cultural activity.

The student will stay in our hotel/residence with full-board.
For added flexibility, the programme will be available every weekend of the year, including festive periods.

Examples of cultural activities are: Flamenco show, wine experience, visit to the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, tour through the Old Town, “tapas” night... 



Dates Any weekend of the year

Levels All levels

Ages +25

Length of course 1 weekend

Lessons/week 8 (one to one)

Class Size 1

Accomodation Residence (FB)

Activity programme 1 Cultural Activity




Sample weekend












2 hours lesson

2 hours lesson



Mid-day Break

Mid-day Break



1 hour lesson

1 hour lesson



Lunch and free time

Lunch and farewell



Individual Study




2 hours lesson



Welcome and interview

Cultural Activity







Social Time

Social Time