Spanish2Enjoy · Spanish and English courses in Spain, was born as a new branch of Schola, a company specialized in the organization of language programmes throughout Europe, United States and Canada. In Spain we also organise English and Spanish courses, and Summer Camps and activities related to the learning of languages.

Ever since Spanish2Enjoy was set up, our aim has been to offer a personalized advisory service, meeting the individual needs and interests of each of our students. Many foreign students have trusted us with the organization of their Spanish programmes in Spain.


An original way to learn spanish & english in Spain




“Hola, soy Leah, vengo de Alemania, y estoy estudiando un año escolar en Valencia. Recomiendo venir a estudiar a España porque creo que la gente es mas abierta, además el tiempo siempre es muy bueno y en el colegio me tratan muy bien. Mi familia de acogida me trata como a su hija y hacemos muchas actividades juntos. Mi español ha mejorado muchísimo y ahora puedo mantener una conversación por horas.”

“Hi, I’m Justine, from Switzerland and I’m here in Valencia studying in a Spanish High School while I stay with a host family.
You should come to Spain, people here is so nice and their culture is very rich. I am so happy with my host family, I have a sister my age and I share so many things with her I will miss her so much when I leave. My local coordinators are always there to support me when I need it as well as the whole SCHOLA team. I am also having Spanish lessons in their academy as it is really nearby my home and I love them, my teacher is very lovely and great. ”

“Mi nombre es Yannik y decidí venir a Valencia porque me encanta el mar, es una ciudad no muy grande y me permite ir a muchos sitios en transporte publico. Su temperatura es genial y su gente también. Estoy acudiendo a un colegio Bilingüe y me quedo en una familia de acogida que vive en una zona residencial, tengo dos hermanos de acogida.”



When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.

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