Term and School Year Programmes

Learning a language like Spanish, currently involves recognizing a different culture and a different lifestyle; discovering landscapes and cities that come to thrill, meeting new people who will share extraordinary experiences and being proud of yourself because the language is no longer a problem.
For these reasons we have designed our academic programs in Spain to put within reach the ability to be bilingual, while you purchase a high quality academic education and enjoy a unique and unforgettable life experience.


Spanish2Enjoy offers personalized guidance to ensure a perfect experience while learning.
Placements in Spain can take place in two locations, Valencia and Madrid.
The participant can choose the location; however, the choice of the school belongs to Spanish2Enjoy, and it is based on each students profile and on school availability. During the programme, the participant will be placed with a host family and this will be arranged on a full board basis.
The host family will be carefully screened and selcted by Spanish2Enjoy staff.
Spanish2Enjoy will not give consideration to any unjustified recrimination, especially regarding socioeconomic status of the host family, geographic location, religious beliefs, or host family profile as age of its members, sexual orientation, race or color.
This should be emphasized when filling in the application form.


Participants may be placed in a Spanish State School or Semi-Private School (Concertado), where no tuition fees are charged, or in a Private School (student choice), where tuition fees are charged.
The school that each participant attends is in charge of designating their academic level according, of course, to their Spanish leven and home school report.
The participant must pay for school books and materials, transportation costs to and from school, and extracurricular activities.
Attendance to all classes is compulsory. The participant is expected to demonstrate serious commitment to the challenge of Spanish academic studies.


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