Although recent studies show that the demand for language courses has decreased, Spanish is still leader, with a slight increase, regarding learning other languages like German or French.

In all, the interest of English-speaking students to study other languages apart from Spanish, has reduced.  If we take French as an example there is a reduction of 3% in less than 12 months. According to information offered by the Daily Telegraph, in a space of 10 years, the interest towards the English language has dropped by a third.  In this same study, data is included regarding the students’ interest in the German language.  In this case the drop has been a 42%.

Nonetheless, the study of Spanish has experienced a continual increase.  English-speaking students want to learn Spanish, an increase of 7% which means some 7,626 students in all.

There are many reasons why English students are interested in studying and learning Spanish but we basically have two reasons. One, the influence of the Latin American Culture in the U.S.A, and the other, the possibility of a holiday trip to Spain.

All this information was submitted by the Joint Council for Qualifications and the conclusion was the alarming loss of interest on behalf of British students to learn another language.

As a consequence there has been a steady increase in people criticizing this situation in England, but, up to this moment, no one seems to have an adequate solution