It is no secret that in the last two decades, Spain has become a modern and advanced country, full of cultural, gastronomic and  leisure offers.

The quality of life, is without doubt, an added factor that all students doing languages courses know how to value and take into account when deciding on doing a Spanish course in Spain.

But learning Spanish in Spain is an experience that goes far beyond attending  classes and studying the language.

The actual communication system by land, sea and air, makes this a highly qualified destination   to be able to make trips and follow routes. This way, not only does one learn Spanish in Spain but  one can also  travel and get to know the country better.

The idiosyncrasy of the Spaniards is a very important factor. Mixing with the ‘native’ people and communicating in Spanish with them is not difficult.  The Spanish character is famous for being open and entertaining. Consequently if you want to do a Spanish course in Spain you will be able to easily practice what you have learnt during the course, making friends.

But if all that we have mentioned is not sufficient, there is still more to come !  

The cultural offer in Spain is enormous, museums, concerts, expositions, theatres, cinema, sports,…  A combination of attractions so as to learn Spanish in Spain that is not only educational and informative,  but  adventurous, enjoyable and unforgettable.

From Spanish2Enjoy we have developed an important selection of Spanish courses for  foreigners, with highly qualified teachers, our own centre with the latest technology, accommodation in residence or in family, as one wishes.

We are also specialists in developing parallel activities with teaching Spanish.  Like that you can travel with us, get to know unique settings, enjoy the Spanish gastronomy, even learn to cook!

We are waiting for you.