Given the wide Spanish-speaking community, for work purposes, for pleasure, for travelling and so on, speaking Spanish is more and more important.  But let us not delude ourselves, from Spanish2Enjoy we realized a long time ago, through our Spanish courses for foreigners and our Interchange programmes,  that to speak Spanish well depends on the teaching method as it is a difficult language.

In Spanish2Enjoy we always offer practical teaching methods, focused on everyday use from the first day and with some surprising results due, among other things, to the quality of our highly skilled teaching staff dedicated to teaching the Spanish language.

Furthermore and the most important, thanks to our programmes of SPANISH  FOR  FOREIGNERS, our students have the possibility through different activities, trips and special events to develop, practice and to interact  what they have learnt in class.

This way, correcting is always present in our teaching method, like that, we give the student a constant learning source which is the only manner of reaching the desired objective of being fluent in Spanish.

Valencia is without doubt, for its climate, people, gastronomy and the possibilities of leisure, the perfect place to learn Spanish.  Being aware of this, Spanish2Enjoy has developed activities focused on learning the language using all the possibilities that Valencia and its surroundings can offer, in the centre of the Spanish Mediterranean  – with beautiful coasts and beaches to be seen at least once in one’s life.

And if you would like to check how difficult it can be, to be able to speak Spanish, enjoy yourself watching this video of Santiago Forero.

Remember, if you want to speak Spanish properly, in the shortest time possible and do it in the best place in Spain, contact us  –  we will be delighted to help you.

Hoping to hear from you soon!!