Spanish and English courses for teenagers

Spanish 2 Enjoy presents a wide range of Spanish courses for young students focused on getting the most out of a great educational program, which combine a wide range of activities, that complement and consolidate what they have learned in class.

The Programs offer an unforgettable journey where language learning is encouraged and also help them grow and live.

From cultural sightseeing programs, through courses that fuse sports and Spanish classes, to a family immersion for an authentic Spanish experience.


Valencia Summer Camp

Valencia Summer Camp Valencia Summer Camp is designed for international students aged 13 to 17 who want to improve their Spanish language while getting to know the Spanish lifestyle and culture. The programme will take place in [...]


Family Immersion

Family Immersion This programme enables the student to become integrated into the Spanish way of life and live the culture, as well as to practise the Spanish language in a natural way. Spanish families are well-known for [...]


Junior Work Experience

Junior Work Experience The Working Experience programme is designed for school students who want to gain hands-on experience, develop their language knowledge and explore one of the most attractive cities in Spain. The aim of the programme [...]