Michael Higgins, the ninth president of the Republic of Ireland, learnt Spanish, and not so long ago.

The Irish President took this decision so as to cope with an officiall visit to Chile, Argentina and Brazil.  Michael, at 71 years old, decided to learn Spanish, and according to what we have heard, reached quite a good level.
For this, the Irish President did what we, at Schola, have always recommended to our students.  He travelled to Santander to do a three-week intensive Spanish course which he made extremely good use of.

This course he did en 2012 so it is not recent news but it is a good example of how, at any age, it is possible to learn a language, in this case, Spanish.

It seems that the presence of the Irish President on the Las Llamas Campus in Santander, where he did the Spanish course, went almost unnoticed.  Higgins was just another student on the campus and he is even said to have had a relaxed and friendly relation with the others, far from conventionalisms.

Higgins enrolled in the Language and Cultural course with a surprising result, reaching an A2 level, with what we understand he can speak Spanish fluently, apart from reading and understanding literature and texts of a certain difficulty.

At Schola we do not expect any president to come to our academy to learn Spanish, but we can say that many students have tried our method, reaching an excellent level of Spanish.

At Schola we are waiting for you!!!