At the moment when opting for Spanish as a second or third language, without doubt Spain is the most adequate destiny to do so.  Spain is a very rich, culture-wise country, full of diversity and attractions, with a real gastronomic variety, recognized worldwide and above all, hospitable people, very open wanting to know about other cultures.

Above all the most important of all when wanting to learn Spanish is that it is the place where Spanish originated as a language.
In Spain you will learn Spanish correctly, as it should be spoken.

But Spain, as we have already said, hasa great variety regarding culture, accents and dialects.  So you should choose a place that is free of accents  could make your learning more difficult.  Places like Madrid, Valladolid or Valencia are without doubt some of the preferred  and most adequate areas.

Being aware of this, In Spanish2Enjoy,  we have developed our Spanish courses for Foreigners in  Valencia. This area is especially adequate for the clear way Spanish is spoken and also for the climate, gastronomy and above all the open and kind people.

Take into account that, these days,  the Spanish language is becoming a necessity, that is wHy over 240,000 students come here, every year, to learn Spanish and enjoy the country at the same time.  These figures go up enormously if we take into account the information that the Instituto Cervantes

Spanish 2 Enjoy. Come with us!!