As every summer, we received a group of American students willing to have a unique experience of immersion in Spanish language and culture. From Portland to Valencia, they will have an enriching exchange of experiences with Spanish students and their families.

The exchange will take place from the 2nd to the 18th of July 2015. The American students will stay in carefully selected Spanish families. During mornings Spanish students will have English lessons while their American siblings are having Spanish classes. In the evenings all of them will have cultural activities such as an orientation tour of the city of Valencia, visit the Science Museum or an excursion to the Bioparc.

After school, they will have an afternoon activity together with their Spanish siblings. At weekends, the students will be with their host family participating in their activities; living a real Spanish family experience

In this Cultural Exchange we want to emphasize, above all, the amazing experience with Spanish students where they will share incredible moments.

We hope that, as in the past years, this programme is a success and both American and Spanish students make the most of the experience.

We are waiting for you !!