But be careful when deciding where to do your Spanish course for foreigners – not all places are suitable nor all the agencies will give you the best.

Learn Spanish in Valencia, Spain.


When deciding on a city to study Spanish don’t be carried away by trends, by friends’ experiences or the most visited places.  Choose somewhere where they speak good Spanish, it is not the same going to Galicia or to Andalucia, they have very strong accents.  Even Spanish people have trouble understanding the inhabitants in these regions!!

You should choose a city in a central area in Spain.  Madrid is a great place but somewhat expensive.  We suggest  Valencia, for price and quality, weather and activities, for the people, for the gastronomy… without a doubt Valencia is the perfect place to learn Spanish in Spain.

You will fall in love from the very beginning with this unique city – charming, full of light and happiness, with an incredible climate, not to mention the beaches and the Valencian gastronomy.

Learn Spanish in an academy

Once you are in Valencia , if you are located near, we can recommend  Schola Academia, the official school for Spanish 2 Enjoy.  This is a highly qualified school for foreigners with an excellent teaching staff , very experienced in teaching Spanish.

Get away from the touristic towns.

Never choose a tourist destiny in Spain to learn Spanish.  The only thing you will achieve is to better  your English, Norwegian or even your Russian.  The Alicante, Murcia and Andaluz coast are full of tourists, almost all year round.

Follow this advice when deciding your destiny and if you want, call us and we can give you some more tips.

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